Pro-life Mass: At Madonna Della Risurrezione, 1621 Fisher Ave., every Friday, 9:00 am. To pray for life and especially the protection of unborn children. Plenty of parking at the back of the church. The Masses will be held in English.  Cancelled until further notice.


Pro Lifers Needed: Since May 1983 there has been a pro life presence in front of the Civic hospital every Sunday from 2-3 p.m. The purpose is to educate the public and to reassure women they have a choice other than abortion. In the beginning, there were many people each Sunday but as time went on the numbers dwindled. Now there are just one or two in front of the hospital every Sunday afternoon. We would like to keep up this pro life witness and need more help. If you can give one hour/month please contact: John Fennelly 613-867-0144;


Campaign Life Coalition

It’s always a good time to give thanks!

Despite the kind of year it’s been, and the challenges coming at us, we can’t lose focus of all the blessings we have to be grateful for.

So, praise be to God for giving us our mission and keeping us going.

With that in mind, and in addition to the CLC National News, here are some important items and developments you need to be aware of heading into October.

1 – Stop Bill C-6

Wilna van Beek Stop The BanWe knew Justin Trudeau wouldn’t wait long to do this. Barely a week after Parliament returned, the federal Liberals introduced Bill C-6. If it passes, the legislation will make it illegal to offer spiritual guidance and therapy for men and women who want to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions. Basically, this bill will turn certain pastors and therapists – and even some parents – into criminals if they encourage someone to reject the “homosexual lifestyle” or help them to accept their biological reality. We’re getting into some dangerous territory here, which is why the latest instalment of our ongoing video campaign is so timely. In the most recent testimonial from our Stop the Ban series, Wilna van Beek talks about how she overcame her unwanted same-sex attractions, rejecting the homosexual lifestyle and choosing a life in the Lord. This was originally filmed to highlight the dangers of Bill C-8, which was the predecessor of C-6. So now, if this current legislation passes, it’ll be illegal for anyone like Wilna to seek out the therapy and spiritual direction they need. In case you missed it, have a look at the video and share it with your friends, because this side of the story needs to get out there.

2 – A prayerful and peaceful vigil for Life

40 Days for LifePro-lifers across the country are joining the largest 40 Days for Life campaign we’ve ever seen. Vigils are taking place in 588 cities around the world, with 16 locations right here in Canada. The reach of this life-saving movement, and it’s ability to touch hearts, is beyond words. Every year, we hear so many stories of mothers who changed their minds about having an abortion, which is always incredible news. These victories come about, in large part, because of the dedication of faithful pro-lifers bearing witness to the sanctity and dignity of every life in the womb. More importantly, it shows how God never gives up on any of us – and that no one is beyond His loving reach. So the more people we can have out there holding signs, and the more prayers we can offer up for the unborn, the better! If you have any questions or COVID concerns about this year’s campaign, no worries, you’re not alone. To find out more about the 40 Days for Life vigil near you, visit our website and we’ll point you in the right direction. The fall campaign runs until November 1st.

3 – Defending pro-life free speech

The 40 Days vigils and this year’s Life Chain are perfect reminders of how we can never take our pro-life free speech for granted. In fact, this freedom is under attack right now in one of Canada’s largest cities. Did you hear about this? Calgary City Council is moving forward with plans to impose a strict new “bubble zone” bylaw. If this passes, look out! Council’s update to the Temporary Signs on Highways bylaw will make it illegal for pro-lifers to hold advocacy signs that are bigger than a postcard near any city school – and the fines will be hefty. The reason behind this move, as we’ve seen reported in the media, is to specifically target the use of graphic pro-life signs. Regardless of how one may feel about the use of these kinds of images, it’s clear that this scheme is directly aimed at pro-lifers. With that said, we can’t stand by and do nothing. Join the growing list of more than 3,435 people who have signed our petition to Calgary City Council asking them to not censor pro-life speech.

4 – CLC’s October Newsletter

CLC National NewsHere’s our October Newsletter. Highlights include:

– Pro-life MPs needed to influence ‘pro-choice’ O’Toole
– British Columbia election set for Oct. 24
– Saskatchewan election set for October 26
– Premier Higgs wins majority in New Brunswick

Please also read the letter form our National President, Jeff Gunnarson.

All our efforts are entirely dependent on your generous financial support. Can you help us today?

From all of us here at CLC, have a Happy Thanksgiving next week and God bless.

The Campaign Life Coalition Team